Kybella Now FDA-Approved For Chin Fat Reduction

June 30th, 2015

Say goodbye to double chin away with a shot of Kybella. It is now commercially available from cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and other doctors who are specially trained to administer it.

Before you decide to get Kybella treatment there are a few things you may want to know.

What is Kybella?

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Kybella, is an injection procedure for the reduction of moderate to severe fat under the chin. The shot dissolves fat without any trace of cosmeticsurgery.

The active ingredient, deoxycholic acid works on dissolving the fat cells. It uses a tiny needle that is inserted into the fat under the jawline. Sheila Calderon, M.D. at Elite MedSpa in Frisco, Texas explained that Kybella works for patients who have fat under the chin without sagging skin.

This is a good alternative to surgery or liposuction for double-chin fat treatment. The amount of treatment depends on the fat. Probably a series of 12-20 injections per visit in about two to four visits at monthly intervals. It takes from 15 to 20 minutes every treatment, explained Dr. Calderon.

Benefits of Kybella

Both men and women can benefit from the treatment. Particularly for men who are not inclined to undergo cosmetic surgery that requires a long recovery.

The drug maker Kythera said many people saw results in two to four treatments. And 80% of the patients who undergo the trial treatment noticed a dramatic change in their chin.

Before the approval of the drug, a FDA survey says people who received the shots more often saw less fat under the chin.

Side Effects of Kybella

Kybella is not only for fat cells, it also destroys skin cells if not used correctly.

When the injections given are too close and injure the marginal mandibular nerve, it can cause an off-balance smile. That can occur because the mandibular nerve helps control facial expressions, says Dr. Calderon.

However, there were a few reported side effects with Kybella injections. The swelling, bruising, pain and numbness are the most commonly side effects found after the studies for Food and Drug Administration approval. People with the most fat had the most swelling that usually cleared up in 48 to 72 hours.


The treatment has been found painful, especially for patients with more fat cells. It is usually given after using ice to decrease the discomfort.

It is strictly advised to know who will do the treatment. Look for a physician who is well trained. And make sure that the physician uses real Kybella product.

Kybella is currently approved for destroying fat only on the neck and the chin. According to Dr. Calderon, Kybella may be useful for small portions of fat cells such as lipomas and eye bags. However, more study is needed.

Kybella is used to melt fat but it doesn’t tighten the skin. But some people do report tightening on their skin.

Since it is a cosmetic procedure, insurance companies are not likely to cover the injections. Schedule your initial free consultation to find out if you are a candidate for Kybella.