Accent XL® Skin Tightening Provides Satisfying Conclusion To Dramatic Weight Loss Journey

October 22nd, 2014

Everyone knows that maintaining your optimal body weight can contribute to a more satisfying sex life, healthier lifestyle, better self-image and much more. For these reasons thousands of individuals have undergone bariatric surgery or the Lap-Band® procedure to forever leave behind their status of being clinically obese.

The sobering news, though, is that after dramatic weight loss many individuals retain skin that is loose in appearance. While most people will gladly swap the latter problem for the former, the situation can make a person who was once preoccupied about excess fat to now be preoccupied with excess sagging skin. Because of this, Elite MedSpa offers this exciting technology.

While there’s more than one way to tighten loose skin after dramatic weight loss, Accent XL with dual mode thermotherapy does it non-invasively through radiofrequency (RF) technology. Basically, Accent XL is the most powerful medical RF machine available and delivers heat energy:

  • Superficially to the dermis (to contract collagen and tighten skin)
  • Deeper to the subcutaneous layer (where fat and cellulite reside)

With this technology, Dr. Calderon can tighten skin and improve the contour of the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, arms, face – all over one’s body. In a major university study several women were treated with Accent XL to contour the appearance of thigh cellulite. Results revealed that the circumference of most women’s thighs was reduced by an average of one inch after completing the standard series of six treatments. The Accent XL is an effective way to treat cellulite on your hips, legs and buttocks as well.

“Yes there’s more than one way to tighten loose skin after dramatic weight loss,” says Sheila Calderon M.D., of Elite MedSpa, “but some alternatives like the tummy tuck carry with it a higher risk. Accent XL is virtually harmless and actually feels like a hot stone massage. Because of its safety record and comfortability, Accent XL is slowly becoming an integral part of the true completion of the dramatic weight loss journey.”

Many patients have reported that this procedure has freed them from having to wear baggy clothes, helped them not be self-conscious and has actually been an encouragement to keep up the weight loss regimen.

If life after dramatic weight loss hasn’t been what you expected due to the loose appearance of skin, please call Elite MedSpa today. Your initial consultation is free.