Don’t Get Mad At Uneven Pigmentation. Get Even With EvenSkin™

December 1st, 2014

Elite MedSpa now exclusively offers EvenSkin.

Believe it or not, uneven pigmentation has always been one of the most troublesome deterrents from having beautiful skin. Whether the problem comes from vitiligo, overly tanned skin, injury, heredity or a burn, it causes splotchy or tiny spots of whiteish skin with no color. Any such discoloration has the potential of causing feelings of embarrassment and frustration.

Until now the only options available to deal with uneven pigmentation were make-up or simply wearing clothes that covered up the problem areas. Permanent make-up, tattoos, and costly laser skin resurfacing do not help this problem.  Fortunately, Sheila Calderon, M.D., has just introduced a new formulation that can bring a person’s color back by applying it just once a day. It’s called EvenSkin™.

“It’s really amazing what doctors have noticed these days while treating glaucoma with a medication called Bimatoprost,” says Dr. Calderon. “It has been known that this substance not only reduces eye pressure but it can also causes the eye to darken (increased ocular pigmentation such as the iris, eyelid, or lashes). It can also increase eyelash growth, length and thickness.”

“What’s more, we’ve also noticed that Bimatoprost combined in the right concentrations with other ingredients can actually gather melanin back to areas in which it has been applied (a process called hyperpigmentation). EvenSkin applied once a day to problem areas with our special applicators has the potential of producing skin that appears more even in color.”

EvenSkin therapy is a physician-supervised skin regimen exclusively offered by Dr. Calderon. EvenSkin can be easily applied to the face, neck or any other parts of the skin that have previously lost color. Results are noticeable in as little as three days, and eventually patients need not apply EvenSkin at all to retain its benefits. Don’t get mad at uneven pigmentation – get even by calling today. Your initial consultation is free.