LaserDermology: Advanced Cellulite Treatment Now Available

July 28th, 2014

Can you imagine a smoother, firmer figure, free from the dimpling of cellulite? With TriActive LaserDermology, it’s now possible. Elite MedSpa uses this revolutionary procedure to help patients get their best results. “It’s definitely more advanced than the older Endermologie system and is proving to show better results,” says Sheila Calderon, M.D., one of the first medical professionals in Dallas to offer LaserDermology. “The procedure is also ideal after liposuction to reduce fluid retention and slackening of the skin.” LaserDermology works to restore a normal balance to the inner and outer layers of your skin almost anywhere on your body (including the face) by use of a special machine.

This machine reduces the appearance of cellulite by incorporating three different methods: mechanical massage localized cooling and deep laser stimulation. However, the deep laser action from six diode lasers in the LaserDermology system, significantly enhances microcirculation in areas treated. The mechanical massage brings deep stimulation into the subcutaneous tissue, which can result in a firmer appearance.

In addition, LaserDermology’s localized cooling aids in smoothing the appearance of cellulite. LaserDermology patients usually undergo 10 to 15 sessions. Each session takes about 35 minutes and feels like a cool deep massage. You can immediately resume your normal activities afterwards. After LaserDermology, most patients will notice an improvement in skin tone and reduction of cellulite. The appearance of stretch marks and loose skin may be improved as well. LaserDermology is not a weight loss machine; however, many clients report being able to lose weight more easily while using the device than ever before. Schedule your complimentary consultation on this cellulite treatment by calling today.