We use the CO2 Fractional Laser to reduce Acne Scarring. It requires down time but it is well worth it. We have the Cool Touch Breeze Laser for collagen stimulation which is very helpful in filling acne scars as well as the Aramis Laser.


The Aramis Laser and the Cool Touch Breeze Laser are advanced multi-effect non-ablative* laser treatments for acne scarring, active acne and collagen building. These quick and comfortable laser treatments are highly effective in reducing active acne and acne scars. They also reverse some of the collagen loss that occurs in aging. The Aramis and the Cool Touch Breeze Laser stimulate the body’s natural collagen-building process.

Acne Scarring – Improving and reducing acne scars.  By triggering the production of new collagen, the CO2 Fractionated Laser, as well as the Cool Touch Breeze Laser and the Aramis Laser fill in and soften acne scars “from the inside out” by lifting the depressions they cause.

The Cool Touch Breeze Laser and the Aramis Laser are non-invasive lasers. Non-invasive (non-ablative) lasers do not burn, cut or remove the skin surface. Instead, their action occurs underneath the outer layers of the skin. Because the laser works at a deep level, you won’t experience any pain or peeling. By stimulating the collagen production in the dermis with the laser’s thermal beam, scars are gradually filled in by your body’s own collagen.

The Aramis first deep cools the area of skin to be treated with a short blast of cryogen spray which protects the epidermis. This is instantly followed by the laser beam which targets the upper dermis. This combined cooling/heating process protects the outer layer of skin while allowing the heat to reprogram the collagen-building process within the deeper layers of your skin. The scars are then filled in from the “inside out” by the production of this new collagen. Multiple treatments are necessary to stimulate the collagen and minimize the acne scars. The Cool Touch Breeze Laser heats the collagen to stimulate growth and then shoots a breeze of cold air to protect the outer layer of skin. This also allows for new skin growth from the inside to the outside.

Acne Scar Reduction

Active Acne Treatment – Improving active acne.

Because the Aramis and the Cool touch Breeze Laser actually alters the function of the oil-producing sebaceous glands, active acne is greatly reduced. This effect alone prevents the occurrence of future acne scarring. Smoothbeam is frequently used in combination with Vbeam laser treatments to remove redness from acne scars.

Reduction of Active Acne and Acne Scarring

Skin Renewal / Reducing fine wrinkles.  Wrinkling is caused by loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. The Aramis’ technology as well as the Cool Touch breeze causes the body to reactivate production of collagen to areas that have lost their “fill” (wrinkles). This new collagen improves the skin’s elastic capabilities and overall tone. Your face will feel firmer, smoother, and show fewer fine wrinkles.

Fine Wrinkle Reduction

How Long Does A Laser Treatment Take?

One of the most exciting aspects of Aramis technology as well as the Cool Touch Breeze is that it allows laser treatment in short “lunchtime” procedures. Treatments generally take 10 to 30 minutes. After your treatment, you can go right back to work or out to dinner without anyone knowing you’ve had treatment. Or, if you like, you can choose more aggressive treatment. The number of treatments and interval of treatments vary depending on the severity of the condition and the extent of the improvement desired.

What Will The Procedure Itself Be Like?

You and your doctor will wear eye protection to protect your eyes during the procedure. The doctor will use a small handpiece with a probe that touches your skin to deliver the laser light. You will feel the light spray of coolant onto your skin during each laser pulse.

Is There Any Pain Involved In Laser Treatment With Aramis Or Cool Touch Breeze?

Because the lasers dynamic cooling device is so effective, many patients report the procedure as “mild”, with little more than a slight snapping or tingling sensation. Of course, pain is subjective, and topical anesthetics can be used, if the patient wishes.

How Long Before I See Results?

Several treatments may be required, depending on anatomical location and the extent of desired results.

What precautions should be taken before and after treatment?

Avoid sun exposure for 4-6 weeks before treatment, and again after treatment until your physician allows it. Care should be taken in the first few days following treatments to avoid scrubbing or rinsing the treated area with abrasive skin cleansers..

Are There Any Side Effects To Treatment With Aramis Or Cool Touch Breeze?

In general, most procedures have a low risk of side effects. More aggressive treatments might induce some temporary discoloration or reddening of the skin. Some patients might experience pigment changes in skin color. If this occurs, the skin will typically return to normal pigmentation over time.

*“Non-ablative” lasers do not burn, cut or remove the skin.