Aramis Laser

The Aramis Laser uses a unique type of laser energy, which is applied to the treatment area of the skin in a series of gentle pulses. Without damaging the surface, the energy of the laser penetrates and is absorbed by the deeper skin tissue. This triggers a repair mechanism, and your body begins to rebuild and replenish your own natural collagen. Results are achieved from the inside out! Your skin will begin looking younger and softer as your collagen is remodeled.

Treatments are quick and easy, lasting only a few minutes and can be performed on any area of the skin. Patients typically feel a warm sensation and see a blush in the treated area for an hour or so following treatment. Best of all, there is no downtime involved. You can apply make-up and resume regular activities immediately after the treatment. 

Patients have a high degree of satisfaction with their results. Over time you will notice skin texture changes. Fine and deep lines will become less visible and gradually begin to disappear.

How Many Treatments Do I Need To See Results? 

The average number of treatments is 3-4 over a period of 2-3 months. During your initial consultation, you will be advised as to the number of treatments recommended to achieve your desired result. Occasional touch-up treatments may be suggested to maintain or continue your improvements.


What Will The Laser Treatment Be Like? 

You and the physician or laser technician will wear protective eyewear during the short laser treatment. The technician will use a small hand piece to deliver the laser pulses to your skin. You will feel a cold probe touch your skin. This contact cooling protects the upper layer of the skin during each laser pulse.

Is It Painful? 

Most patients report the procedure to be “mild” with little more than a slight snapping or stinging sensation, like a rubber band. Topical anesthetics are available if you find the procedure to be uncomfortable.


How Does It Work?

It increases the intra-dermal temperature to 50°C, this stimulates the fibroblasts, which produce neocollagen, which thickens and restructures the dermis.

The Aramis remodeling technique involves no downtime and no risks for the patient. It uses a combination of a patented wavelength, pulse modulation, and contact cooling to produce a sub-coagulative thermal injury leading to a temporary alteration in the size and function of the overactive sebaceous gland. This thermal effect kills bacteria and reduces sebum production.

Aramis Laser Treatment For Acne

Many patients respond to Aramis Laser treatments for acne even when they have failed to respond to other treatments. Aramis shrinks sebaceous glands and reduces skin oiliness.

Mild and moderate acne can be effectively treated without the side effects of drugs such as Accutane. Teens, young adults and older adults are all excellent candidates for these treatments.

Laser-Active Acne Treatment

Aramis laser treatments shrink sebaceous glands and reduce skin oiliness. Mild and moderate acne can be effectively treated without the side effects of drugs such as Accutane. 
Reversal – 6 treatments 
Maintenance – every 3-12 months

Acne Scar Reduction
(Includes Laser & Medical Microdermabrasion)

Aramis also reduces the appearance of acne scars. Aramis Laser treatments combined with microdermabrasion can improve their appearance. Building collagen at the base of the scars improves their look. Even old scars respond well. Chemical peels are often added to enhance the effect. Many other scars also respond well to this treatment.