Brown Pigmented Spots

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What Is A Pigmented Lesion?

Melanin is the dark pigment present in skin and is produced by melanocytes. Pigmented lesions occur when an abundance of melanocytes are found in the skin. When dark pigment multiplies, it forms freckles, brown age spots and moles. Lentigines, pictured to the right, are an example of a pigmented lesion.

Three Weeks After

What Conditions Are Treated With The Laser?

Lentigines – a flat, brown spot on the skin present on skin with frequent sun exposure.

Keratoses – slightly elevated pigmented spots often found on the back and hands.

Freckles – a brownish spot on the skin common on people with fair skin.

Dermatosis Papulosis Nigra – small, black marks seen primarily on people of Asian or African descent.

Many of our lasers can be combined to help you get rid of brown pigmented spots. Our Radiofrequency and IPL Laser is able to blend the melasma, sun damage or age spots into the natural color of your skin. we often combine this with the Rejuvenation Laser which increases cell turn over to give you new radiant skin with out the spots.

Our CO2 Fractionated Laser is also able to give you a brand new start with out the brown splotchy pigmentation.

For thickened brown spots such as actinic keratosis we use the Q-Switched Laser.

The Erbium Laser is also able to remove individual brown spots.

The VariLite dual wavelength (532 nm and 940 nm) laser system is the ultimate skin lesion laser solution. This solid-state laser quickly and effectively treats pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, cutaneous lesions and acne vulgaris. VariLite offers the clinical versatility to precisely target superficial vessels as well as deeper, larger vessels in a convenient, affordable package.