Cellulite and Unwanted Fatty Deposits

Cool Lipo Laser Liposuction: removes fat and tightens skin while awake.

Elite Weight Loss Program: tailors a weight loss diet specifically for each individual’s circumstances and combines this with exercise and our sensotherapy and appetite suppressant pills.

Mesotherapy: Tiny injections of medication that will start the reabsorption process of fatty tissue caught in the connective layer of the skin.

Lipodissolve: Lipodissolve is a comprehensive approach for the permanent dissolution of unwanted fat and cellulite. Dr. Calderon couples this therapy with the best methods of dietary management, fitness training, and medical weight loss. The active ingredient is a naturally occurring enzyme solution called phosphatidylcholine deoxylate or PCDC, which is administered through a series of microinjections to permanently dissolve the fat. Treatments take less than an hour and are often called a "coffee break lipo " or a "lunch break lipo." 

Triactive Laser: Smoothes and tightens Cellulite increasing Microcirculation.

Accent XL Laser: In addition to the TriActive Laser, we have the Accent XL Laser, which can tighten skin, reduce fat, and smooth out the cellulite. We can now shrink fat cells, reduce cellulite and lose inches! Say hello to a perfectly contoured body with the new Accent XL. This safe and effective treatment literally melts fat away and tightens skin from head to toe! The Accent XL Laser is latest, most effective non-invasive technology on the market today for body contouring.

This combination with diet and exercise increases skin glow and contours a new refreshing, radiance in the area of concern.