Cellulite Smoothing and Skin Tightening

Face Skin Tightening With Radiofrequency Includes:

  • Forehead
  • Brows
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Upper Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Chin
  • Upper Lip

We also use the CoolTouch Breeze Laser, which stimulates the collagen and draws the lax skin to be tighter and smoother. For the neck, arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs we use body tightening Radiofrequency.

Tighten And Tone With The Accent XL Treatment

We have the Accent XL Laser, which can tighten skin, reduce fat, and smooth out cellulite. This allows you to shrink fat cells, reduce cellulite and lose inches! Say hello to a perfectly contoured body with the new Accent XL. This safe and effective treatment literally melts fat away and tightens skin from head to toe! The Accent XL Laser is latest, most effective non-invasive technology on the market today for body contouring.

Accent XL is a low-level diode laser with a deep mechanical massaging action, when applied to the tissue below your skin, may result in a tighter appearance in the treated areas. Thighs, buttocks can be treated for cellulite, as well as to tighten most other parts of the body including the face, the love-handles, tummy, upper arms, and neck.

How Does The Accent XL System Smooth And Tighten The Skin?  

The procedure uses a deep mechanical massaging action in conjunction with a low-level diode laser that results in a tighter appearance in the treated areas.

How Long Does The Accent XL Procedure Take?  

The Accent XL procedure is typically done in a series of about 10 to 15 treatments per area. These can be spaced as closely as 3 times per week, or as far our as once per week. Normally, the series can be done annually with follow-up monthly maintenance treatments.

How Soon Will I See The Results?  

Individual results can depend on several factors:

  • The area being treated
  • Whether the treatment is being combined with a liposuction procedure
  • If you have combined treatment with diet and exercise
  • Your age and general health
  • The number of treatments

In addition to the Accent XL Radiofrequency, we have the TriActive Low Level Laser, which can also tighten and smooth the outer areas of the body. We use it most often after liposuction procedures or dermal fillers to give that perfectly smooth appearance. It helps with cellulite and other lumpy areas.

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Accent XL 
Cellulite Management

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