New Acne And Pore Technology Produces Clear, Beautiful Skin

iso 1Elite MedSpa was the first in Frisco to have the Isolaz system. Sheila Calderon, M.D., is now performing the newest pore purification and skin improvement procedure — combining the unique properties of broadband light with pneumatic energy. The Aesthera Isolaz system is producing dramatic skin changes for individuals with oily skin, active acne, enlarged pores and rosacea.

“It’s so different from anything we’ve ever used before,” says Dr. Calderon, “and it basically performs in two ways: a suction action followed by a flash of broadband light. Especially effective for acne patients, the suction action pulls oils and congestion out of the skin and the flash kills bacteria as well as limits future oil production. It also gives the acne patient an alternative to antibiotics and creams that usually have limited effectiveness.”


In addition to acne, photopneumatic therapy effectively gets rid of pore impurities and enlarged pores. It’s virtually painless and much faster than other IPL’s or traditional lasers.

As a matter of fact, Aesthera Isolaz laser is several times faster than traditional laser and light-based treatments, making it an attractive alternative for time-conscious patients. Because of the pain-free nature of the treatment, there is no pre-treatment with a local anesthetic, and most patients describe the process similar to a warm massage.

The really amazing part of this procedure is the ability of the Isolaz to pull out the impurities from the pores. We are able to see the oil come out along with any pus or bacteria unlike traditional lasers or IPL’s. The Aesthera Isolaz is also more comfortable, quicker and is just as effective. It will revolutionize pore and oil gland treatments.

Photopneumatic therapy is backed by solid science and performed by one of the most experienced aesthetic doctors in Frisco, Texas.

About Aesthera

Aesthera develops, manufactures and markets light-based aesthetic treatment systems based on proprietary Photopneumatic™ (PPx™) technology. Clinically proven to be pain-free and up to seven times faster than currently available light based aesthetic systems, Aesthera’s revolutionary systems combine the proven properties of therapeutic light with gentle pneumatic energy to more effectively work on dermal and epidermal skin targets.

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