Laser Acne Scar Treatment

With the Aramis Laser and the CoolTouch Breeze, you don’t just treat acne symptoms, you treat the source!

With today’s technology, there’s no reason to walk around with pimples on your face or any other part of your body. Acne can be resolved completely or improved dramatically with available treatments usable by anyone at any age under most any circumstance.

Aramis Laser Acne Therapy, the first FDA approved drug-free treatment for acne that actually addresses its cause and has shown impressive results without the pain, expense or side effects associated with traditional over-the-counter and prescription treatments. The CoolTouch Breeze Laser is the first to use the 1320 wavelength to treat acne as well. It also targets the sebaceous glands and kills the acne bacteria while stimulating collagen at the same time.

We can also combine both the Aramis and the Isolaz or the CoolTouch Breeze with the Isolaz.
Isolaz Laser Therapy is ideal for cleaning enlarged pores clogged with impurities, oil, blackheads and pus. The Isolaz accomplishes this by vacuuming out these impurities. A secondary function of the laser then helps to reduce the size of enlarged pores after cleansing. Isolaz Laser Skin Therapy allows the skin to look clean, clear and healthy.

What Will The Laser Treatment Be Like?
You and Dr Calderon and her staff will wear protective eyewear during the short laser treatment. The technician will use a small hand piece to deliver the laser pulses to your skin. You will feel a cold probe touch your skin. This contact cooling protects the upper layer of the skin during each laser pulse.

How Long Does Each Treatment Session Last?
Depending on the size of the treated area, a session could last about 30 minutes.

Is It Painful?
Most patients report the procedure to be “mild” with little more than a slight snapping or stinging sensation, like a rubber band. Topical anesthetics are available if you find the procedure to be uncomfortable.

What Are The Risks/Side Effects?
There are minimal risks to this laser procedure. Mild redness can be seen immediately after the procedure but goes away before you leave the office.

What Will I Look Like After My Laser Treatment? Is There Any Recovery Period?

After the laser procedure your skin may be slightly red. The redness usually subsides before leaving the office. Following your laser treatment, you may return to normal activities immediately.

Do I Have To Have “Severe” Acne To Be A Candidate For Aramis Or The Cool Touch Breeze Laser Acne Treatment?

No, in a simple outpatient procedure, this treatment can be performed on acne patients of all stages and ages.

How Does Aramis And The Cool Touch Breeze Laser Help Acne Scars?
The Aramis and the Cool Touch Breeze Laser selectively heats the Dermis (the tissue lying just below the outer skin), which stimulates special cells (fibroblasts) to produce collagen. Collagen production will then plump up the appearance of acne scars or wrinkles. This new laser can be used to improve stretch marks, acne scars, and wrinkles on any area of the body.

How Long Do The Results Last?
Treatment with the Aramis or the Cool Touch Breeze Laser consists of 4 monthly treatments (4-8 treatments). Visible changes will occur a few weeks after the second treatment. Continued treatment with the Aramis or the Cool Touch Breeze Laser can produce additional improvement and rejuvenation maintenance. Improvements in the skin continue to take place many months after the last treatment!