What is Mesotherapy?
It is a painless injection of vitamins, minerals, medications, and amino acids injected just under the surface of the skin. Mesotherapy has a variety of applications including rejuvenation of the face and neck, cellulite reduction, spot weight reduction, and hair regrowth. Unlike surgery, Mesotherapy is a painless procedure, requires no post-operative recovery time, no heavy bandages or girdles, and no anesthesia is necessary. While many surgical procedures require one to two weeks of recovery, patients undergoing Mesotherapy have no interruptions to their daily life, while obtaining a natural cosmetic rejuvenation. Just a "drop" of solution is used at each injection site. Among its many applications, Mesotherapy can be used for the following:

  • Mesotherapy to eliminate cellulite
  • Mesotherapy to promote weight loss
  • Mesotherapy to provide anti-aging benefits
  • Mesotherapy to eliminate localized fat deposits

Mesotherapy used on the face and neck is also known as Mesoglow and Mesolift. Complex Multi-Vitamins are injected into the face. These products are antioxidants and they stimulate collagen production as well as inhibit melanin and regulate microcirculation. Minerals and Trace Elements may also be used. These products provide support and essential elements to the normal functions of the skin such as turn over and repair. Hyaluronic Acid plays an important role in tissue hydration, lubrication, and cellular function resulting in increased smoothness, softening, and decreased wrinkles. Aging, sagging and wrinkling of the skin occurs from accumulation of fat, loss of skin elasticity and excessive free radical damage. The effects rejuvenate the face, eyelids (under eye bags), and neck without the unnatural appearance and painful recovery of surgical face lifting.

How Mesotherapy Works?

The procedure involves a series of small, relatively painless, injections just below the skin which act to mobilize & melt away fat . Target areas are typically areas that are noticeably problematic such as the buttock, abdomen, waist, thighs, and under the arms. Other areas which respond favorably include the face, chin, and below the eyes. Mesotherapy works exceptionally well on cellulite as well. Usually, multiple small injections are given during each visit, and treatments vary from 6 to 10 visitsdepending on how extensive the area being treated is. The concept behind Mesotherapy involves a combination of medications, such as vitamins, supplements and other drugs, which mobilize and burn away fat. Many physicians agree that fat is mobilized to muscle tissue which then expedites the fat burning process.

Mesotherapy provides numerous benefits in the following areas: Weight Loss, Fat Reduction, Cellulite Reduction, Hair Re-growth / Alopecia, Face and Neck Rejuvenation (Mesolift), Body Sculpting, as well as a variety of medical uses such as with arthritic pain and treating anxiety.

Weight Loss 
For those patients seeking weight loss, Mesotherapy is a revolutionary and essential tool. Blocking the signals of fat accumulation and simultaneously triggering the release of stored fat modify the biology of the fat cell. The desired area of treatment can be patient specific, targeting your most problematic areas. A complete dietary and nutrient evaluation will help you maintain your weight loss goals.

Cellulite Reduction 
Cellulite affects the majority of women over the age 20. It is caused by poor circulation, fat herniation, a weakening of connective tissues, lymphatic congestion and hormonal imbalances. Cellulite is classified into four stages, based upon its appearance while standing, laying, and pinching the skin. Causing a dimpling and cottage cheese appearance of the skin, cellulite is not a disease of excess weight. Mesotherapy treatment is targeted to correct these problems by improving circulation, strengthening connective tissues, and dissolving excess fat.

Mesotherapy targets the 3 treatable factors that cause cellulite:

  • Poor circulation
  • Defective connective tissue
  • Enlarged fat cells


Body Sculpting 
Contouring of the abdomen, arms, back, legs and hands can be obtained with Mesotherapy. Vitamins and amino acids are used to tighten sagging skin while other agents are used to remove areas of fat, restoring a more youthful and athletic appearance to the body's contours.

How many treatments are necessary to create the desired effect?

Treatment will naturally vary depending on many factors such as the size of the area being targeted. Thinner patients with problem areas suck as "love handles" or "saddle bags" may require fewer treatments. Typically, however, patients require between 6 to 10 visits. Many patients are pleased with their results even after the first visit. The effects are progressive and more noticeable results are achieved as the treatments go on.

How is Mesotherapy different than Liposuction?

Mesotherapy is significantly different than liposuction. For one, Mesotherapy is not a surgical procedure and general anesthesia is not needed. Mesotherapy is a simple, outpatient procedure, with no recovery time. Other than the obvious differences in performing the procedure, the results are also significantly different. While liposuction actually removes fat cells, Mesotherapy removes the fat from within the fat cell. This contributes to the natural appearance in which Mesotherapy shines. If one gains weight after Mesotherapy, the fat will simply return to the treated area, unlike liposuction, where fat can migrate to places where there were no problems before.

How should I prepare for Mesotherapy?

Before treatment, avoid intake of Aspirin or anti-inflammatories for 3 days. After treatments, massage areas with Vitamin K containing cream.

What results can I expect?

The results obtained with Mesotherapy are dramatic. After completing a series of treatments, generally over a three-month period of time, patients can notice improvement in skin quality, less dimpling of the skin, and weight reduction including a loss of approximately ten pounds and one to two clothing sizes. For those undergoing treatment of hair loss, regrowth can begin just weeks after the first procedure. After approximately six months, areas of baldness are revitalized, replaced by normal growing hair. For those suffering from sagging skin and poor skin quality of the face and neck, a "mesolift" may be beneficial. The results are both immediate in the form of face glow (Mesoglow) and long-term in the form of better elasticity, skin firmness-tonicity, and even skin retraction (Mesolift).

How long will I experience the benefits of Mesotherapy?

The procedure can be permanent provided a healthy diet is followed. If fat does return, it should return in an even fashion, unlike liposuction which often does not. Areas can be retreated as needed. After receiving treatment for cellulite, maintenance should be performed at 6 months to 1 year.

How often do I have to administer Mesotherapy?

For facial use, generally, 1 session is needed every 2 weeks for a total of 4-6 sessions with maintenance required every 3 months. For weight reduction or cellulite, 10 sessions are needed usually done once every 2 weeks to improve saddlebags, hips, thighs, waist, love handles, back fat, and chin when the medicine is placed in these areas.

What are the side effects?

The procedure is very safe. Bruising may occur afterwards, but usually subsides within a few days to a week. Specific vitamins and creams can help minimize the potential for bruising.

When will I be able to return to work?

Since there is no down time, you can return immediately after the procedure. The procedure itself takes less than 30 minutes and there is no recovery time.

Are these treatments painful?

Patients have described mild discomfort. The needle itself is extremely thin, similar to an insulin needle. Patients do not experience severe discomfort during the procedure.