Photographic Skin Analysis

At Elite MedSpa skin defects such as fine lines and wrinkles, solar and actinic damage, even acne scars and spider veins can be seen more clearly than ever before.





Ultraviolet Digital Imaging

Unlike simulated black and white ultraviolet photography, the Profect® Medical Technologies (Ultra-III)™ allows us to take TRUE color and black and white ultraviolet images that reveal a much broader range of conditions in the skin, giving you much more information to help identify:

• Solar and Actinic Keratoses • Lentigo
• Melasma • States of Cutaneous Dehyration
• Dyschromia • Acne Inflammation

Profect® Medical Technologies (Ultra-III)™

We use HIPPA compliant detailed images of each individual during the free consult. We can analyze the pigmentation problems to include sun damage, melasma, aging and more as well as vascular issues. The vascular pictures can show, spider veins, rosacea, telangectasias, birth marks, acne problems, port wine stains and more.

The highlighted areas can include dehydration, inflamed oil glands, thinning skin and more. We are able to enlarge, brighten, and study each fine line or wrinkle in detail. We can view skin texture and pores close up and develop your laser skin care plan and products specifically for your skin. Each laser skin session is tailored individually for your skin. We are able to take before and after pictures which follow the developments, improvements and anti-aging effects in each dimension and angle. We love seeing you more glamorous and youthful each visit. We also love watching each patient evolve. Whether it is with Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin; or the Dermal Fillers we love the new you. We also get to follow the laser skin treatments and watch you get your glow back one treatment at a time.