Rosacea and Red Inflammation

Dr. Calderon will get a series of photos and assess the extent of the concern with you.

Radiofrequency with IPL Laser: This will decrease the red blotchy areas on the face which are bothersome. It also helps the decollate.

CO2 Fractional Laser: This will remove the reddish discoloration in the neck.

IPL PhotoFacial: This will underscore and resolve mild cases of bothersome butterfly red zones.

Varilite Laser: Eliminates the superficial blood vessels causing the red flushing appearance to include the superficial levels below 4 microns as well as above.

VariLite/VariScan: Resurfaces and removes the blood supply that causes the top layer of skin to be red.

1064 Rejuvenation Laser: Eliminates red, blue, and purple superficial spider veins which contribute to the red rosacea look and flushing that occurs.

Moisturizers, Sun Block Elimination of Triggers, Avoidance of Stress & Alcohol, and use of Prescription Creams or Gels work in combination to resolve this condition.