VariaBreeze for Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis)

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New Laser Treatment For Toenail Fungus

If you are one of the millions of people afflicted with toenail fungus, you don’t have to live with it anymore. Sheila Calderon, M.D. at Elite MedSpa in Frisco, Texas is now utilizing a new and innovative way of battling nail fungus. A laser is used to shut down the fungus and allow new healthy nails to grow.

Toenail fungus is a condition that occurs when a yeast-like fungus (similar to the one that causes athlete’s foot) starts growing under and within the toenail. In the past, your options (antifungal medications, oral drugs and the grinding down of the nail with various files) were really not that powerful – or effective. Consequently, many people opted to just live with it.

Often, these nails will create problems for us. Not only are they unsightly, but they will also become thick, brittle, ingrown, loose, and they may even split or crack. As a result, they are sometimes very painful and problematic.

The laser is a specially designed, patented laser that operates on a low enough level of energy to go through the nail and rid the nail of the fungus. When this laser is applied to the nail, the light basically shines through it and vaporizes the germs embedded in the nail bed and plate. The laser has no effect on healthy tissue and the laser light beam does not harm the nail or surrounding skin. Best of all, there is only heat associated with the treatment during the actual process. The treatment is painless, so there is no need for anesthesia. Afterward there is no pain.

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes for most people. You will be able to walk out of the office just as well as you walked in. You can wear shoes after treatment. Healthy new growth should be visible within the first three months as your nail continues to grow.

There have been no adverse reactions, injuries, disabilities or known side effects. As you may know, oral medication available today for treatment of fungal nails carries with it possible serious health risks (commonly the liver). This laser treatment does not.

The vast majority of patients require four treatments. Results are showing that the most treated patients show significant improvement, and in most cases fungal nails are completely cured.

Benefits include:

• Quick and safe
• Proven clinical results
• Painless without anesthesia
• No pain afterward and only heat during the procedure
• No risk
• No drugs or harmful side effects
• No harmful radiation

“On an average, it takes 30 minutes or so to treat all ten toes,” says Dr. Calderon. “Naturally, you would want all infected toes to be treated otherwise the fungus will come back. The fungal infection is infectious to all the surrounding toes and usually affects all the toes if the nail is already discolored or thickened. Depending on the patient if the nail has been affected for longer than a year it will take 3 or 4 treatments.”

Laser treatment is considered aesthetic and therefore is not covered by health insurance plans; however, laser treatment is affordable. The cost for many patients is less than expensive prescription medications they have tried in the past, often without success.

Laser treatment is so much better than the traditional toenail fungus remedies of antifungal medications or oral drugs. With visible results in as little as six weeks, you can’t afford to wait.

You deserve to have beautiful feet. Clear and beautiful toenails can be a reality for you! If you are suffering from this common problem, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Calderon today.