Weight Reduction

Dr. Calderon uses the sensotherapy pills which are natural spices in a capsule made in Fort Worth under the supervision of the doctor that invented it. Sensotherapy is an opportunity for you to break away from the stale promises of traditional diets and weight loss programs, and you can do it all from your own home. This can all sound too good to be true, and since we’ve all heard fantastical weight loss claims in the past, we explain Sensotherapy works by helping with hunger, cravings and low energy. With Sensotherapy you will develop healthier eating habits and lose weight at your own pace without surgery and without inconveniencing you with too-strict dietary guidelines.

Dr. Calderon offers the latest advances in weight loss. Your evaluation may even include a laboratory analysis. She will consider with you the most optimal plan for your lifestyle and include physical exercise in your regimen. This is a highly personalized consultation, which is tailored for your individual needs and your underlying medical condition (diabetes, heart disease, hyperlipidemia, thyroid conditions, asthma, and many others).  Base metabolic index (BMI) as well as body fat percentage can also be measured.  Depending on the needs and lifestyle changes she offers a variety of supplements as well as prescription medications used to help with weight reduction and maintenance.

Weight Loss is so much more than the loss of pounds or inches! It’s a state of Mind!! You get to reach the goal weight that you feel and look your best. Imagine finding one solution that creates your perfect weight. You have dreamed about it and now you can achieve this. We can help you achieve the ideal weight for you and your lifestyle. Elite MedSpa Weight Loss is a new way of looking at weight reduction with our unique, innovative and inspiring program. A successful weight loss program begins from within. The thoughts we think and the food we consume in order to provide sustenance for our physical as well as our mental health and wellness is critical.

How are you treating and feeding your body? Are you feeling defeated or empowered about your health? What kind of relationship do you have with food? Do you obsess about your weight and food?

Are you on the “Yo-Yo” cycle of starve and binge? Are you sick and tired of the struggle to achieve and maintain your ideal weight? What steps will you take to change these patterns?

Our program includes your lifestyle with your schedule to achieve your goals. We are here to help you succeed in combining your weight loss with your lifestyle. We can help you create more energy to achieve an improved shape, more muscle and a leaner look.

We include your present medication list and existing medical problems if that is a factor or we help you avoid any medical risk factors associated with being out of shape. We will use prescription medications as necessary as well as natural supplements for appetite suppression, satiety, hormonal imbalance, energy, and complex issues with moods and emotional balance. We attempt to help address any of the puzzle pieces causing you to self defeat and turn that into your strength.

Dr. Calderon and her staff offer guidance, prescription and nonprescription medication to help with appetite, satiety, and energy. Our program includes labs, percentage of body fat, BMI, food journal tracks, exercise and much more.

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Review: Sheila is always very encouraging and supportive with great communicarion, knowledge of medical matters, and unrushed conversation. Jennifer and veronica (named alphabetically) are greatest staff ever. I have to think fast to come with suitable replies to humorous sratements. well worth the drive. I also go to ikea, but never to frisco mercantile. (Just in case this comment falls into the wrong hands.)
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