Spider Veins

Dr. Calderon
 will review the depth of the varicose or spider vein and explain the available options.

1064 Laser: can remove the blue, red, or purple spider veins on the front or back of your legs.

Varilite 940 Laser: is able to resolve deeper spider veins that are 4 microns below the surface and the 532 will attack any superficial redness.

Mediostar 810 Laser: is also able to trace the blood vessel to stop leakage and feeding of the spider vein.

Support Hose: are absolutely essential for the therapy to work permanently and many people who do not adhere to the instructions will have a new spider vein pop up to replace it.

Sclerotherapy: Injection into the the actual spider vein to shut it down and may be used in conjunction with Laser therapy.