Sublative Rejuvenation Procedure Produces Beautiful, Younger-Looking Skin 

September 11th, 2014

It’s amazing just how many aesthetic procedures use lasers to make our skin more beautiful. However, many don’t realize that Radio Frequency (RF) technology not only has gained worldwide acceptance but has also produced world-class results in terms of facial skin rejuvenation. What’s more, RF energy is more comfortable than most laser-centered procedures.

“Laser skin procedures usually affect the top layer of the skin (or epidermis), so the ‘no pain no gain’ principle can be a factor when considering that option,” says Sheila Calderon, M.D., of Elite MedSpa. “However, the new Sublative Rejuvenation procedure uses gentler radiofrequency energy that only affects the dermal layer of the skin, which is under the epidermis. Downtime is greatly reduced while results are still outstanding.”

Sublative Rejuvenation is one of the newest additions to a growing number of more gentle facial skin rejuvenation procedures. Similar to fractional laser resurfacing introduced only a few years ago, Sublative Rejuvenation uses fractional radio frequency to promote new collagen growth and improve textural irregularities. Its “precisely reduced” RF energy works by producing a significant dermal impact without much disruption to the epidermis. Sublative Rejuvenation is safe for all skin types and proven to deliver outstanding firming and remodeling results with minimal downtime. Just some of those results include improvements in:

  • Wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Acne scars
  • Superficial skin lesions
  • Skin laxity

Sublative Rejuvenation is a quick in-office procedure that is performed every four to six weeks. During treatment, Dr. Calderon custom-tailors the procedure with the “SelectPulse” mode, making it even more gentle and precise. While the full effect of Sublative Rejuvenation is not seen until after the second or third procedure, most patients notice immediate improvements after the first session.