Dr. Calderon performed the Cool Lipo procedure on me, and I was amazed at how quick and easy the recovery was. I was even more amazed at the results they were immediate! I’m someone who is afraid of needles, pain and being under anesthesia, but this procedure allowed me to remain fully conscious and with none of the effects of anesthesia. I now have a renewed sense of confidence in myself and in my personal life. Dr. Calderon and her staff were very helpful, friendly and professional. They showed me their concern and were always willing to answer my questions during and after the procedure. I highly recommend not only this procedure but also Dr. Calderon and her wonderful staff.

What an amazing experience! I came into the office with a Texas-size butt, expecting a somewhat uncomfortable experience. The staff greeted me with a friendly welcoming spirit. I was ushered into an office where some basic markings were made before moving on to the treatment room. The local anesthesia was administered, I was made comfortable on the table, and then the Cool Lipo was done. I kept waiting for something painful or irritating to happen and it never did. This sounds unbelievable but I was surprised when it was over. I thought we were still in the preparation stage. The staff then massaged the area and I was done. I can’t believe I’ve lived with this excess fat for my whole life and ridded myself of this unsightly mess in a brief time at the able hands of Dr. Calderon. To me this process was equivalent to getting a deep massage. I experienced absolutely no pain. Dr. Calderon and her staff were very friendly and compassionate and made this an easy experience.

Several years ago I had traditional liposuction on my thighs, which required general anesthesia. Dr. Calderon performed the Cool Lipo procedure on my waistline using local anesthetics. The procedure itself was painless the recovery period was very quick. The very next day I could drive and perform my usual routines. Dr. Calderon and her staff made this a pleasant experience. I also appreciated the on-going, follow-up visits to check on my progress. I highly recommend Dr. Calderon and the Cool Lipo procedure to anyone who may be considering body contouring.

Wow! This was the easiest procedure to look good that I could have ever done for my body. The Cool Lipo process was not scary since you’re awake through the whole process, but the best part was that there was no downtime. My life went on as normal and the results are so satisfying! Dr. Calderon and her team are excellent and they take care of you until you are completely satisfied. Thank you!

My first experience trying to treat my cellulite was with Endermologie. All it did was make the areas worse over the years. I first read about the Cool Lipo in the Frisco magazine and scheduled a consultation. I scheduled the actual procedure shortly after. I had my lower abdomen and back of my upper thighs/buttocks done. The results are 1,000 times better then the Endermologie and I am still improving just two months later. The doctor and staff are great and I would recommend the Cool Lipo and Elite MedSpa to anyone who is considering lipo.

The best doctor I have. Really enjoy my visits to Elite Medspa.

Best results I’ve ever experienced.

I can’t believe the results. It is like WOW! I had been trying to exercise but this has really given me the shape I wanted.

Thank you so much for treating my face on Monday. You did an amazing job and my skin looks radiant! THANK YOU!!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you, you’re amazing. I also really appreciate your candid advice, all of which I have been ruminating about since Monday. Thank you again!

We are the premier skin care and cosmetic laser facility for Frisco and the surrounding areas.

We are the premier skin care and cosmetic laser facility for Frisco and the surrounding areas.